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    The Women’s Chapter Network – What it taught me

    On my exit interview yesterday( 28/03) , I was asked to share low lights and highlights of my IQbusiness career experience. So many highlights stood out for me , Agile academy, setting up 2 Cyber academies, changing lives , but the one that made the most difference to ME was the Women’s Chapter Network. I was invited to be a part of this pilot program almost 18 months ago and now running my own chapter within IQ with a wonderful partner and 8 young women within my chapter. Contrary to popular belief, this is not book club or a man hating club.  The purpose of the WCN is to ultimately get more women into…

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    GirlCodeZa -Workshop 3 : How to build a wordpress site

    I stumbled across girlcodeza on Twitter and it caught my interest. Girlcodeza is a Non-profit organization and their primary purpose is to create a network of women who are highly skilled in computer literacy, coding and design, and who can leverage those skills to develop innovative and sustainable solutions within their communities. I had missed the previous 2 workshops and attended workshop 3 hosted at MTN ( thank you for the lovely catering) .  It started with an introduction to Project Management ( everything which I could so identify with being a specialist in this field ) by Elisja van Niekerk, a project manager at MTN. Key take-away from this session…

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    Why you need Coaching & Mentoring @ the workplace

    What does this really mean ? The key difference between coaching and mentoring is that coaching is a formal , short-term, task based relationship and mentoring is a long-term more informal kind of relationship. It is important to have these relationships throughout your career. You will need them for career building, leadership growth, skill growth, as you step up the corporate ladder. I have been fortunate to have acquired these skills formally and have also mentored a number of graduates. The best advice I can give you : It is important to build your network inside your organization, as well as outside.