Living your Authentic Self

Having attended the Women’s Circle event last night https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womans-circle-are-we-living-our-lives-true-to-ourselves-tickets-72927974535 , I was reminded of how powerful human connection is.

Came across this event randomly on Twitter posted by Tamar’s husband, York. Nothing in life is random , I know this by now. When you live with intention, the universe puts things in front of you and I got to meet Tamar and a phenomenal bunch of women last night.

Tamar’s energy was infectious but what stood out the most was how each woman had their own journey yet we were connected in a way that was unspoken, a support and safe environment and the chair of non-judgement to share your thoughts. This is how you “ hold space” for someone.

Often when presented with a dilemma /issue – do not tackle to fix but rather ask  “ What is possible” ?

Key theme and topic for the evening was : Am I living closer to my real self – Am I living authentically?

Fear – the thing that holds us back. Makes us question our decisions and stops them. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Another key topic was : What makes YOU come alive? Do not go to places that you are not feeling or give your energy to things and places that make you feel resentful after. The only person left feeling bitter is you. You always have a choice.

THIS : Peel away the layers and do not give away your energy.

Today I am not the same person I was yesterday. This is who I am right now. Be in the moment and be a supporter of yourself

When choosing a career path or making a decision, we think what we want to be and not really what or who we are. Read that again. Often felt  : I didn’t allow myself to know who I really am . Sound familiar ?

Did you really want to be a …. ?  Often we attach our self-worth to an outcome. If I get a degree I will be a better person ? By who’s judgement ?

Zero is safe space. Why do you want to live in the “zero” and be safe. Follow a rhythm and flow. Nothing is a given or guaranteed.

I left feeling inspired and powerful with this . You are everything you need. Do more of what feeds your soul  and re-invent yourself as many times as you need to and Live more of your AUTHENTIC self.

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