Are you happy ?

Happiness – I find it to be such a loaded word. Are you happy? What does it mean ? Seems like a silly question.

Yet it eludes us and is an elusive concept , as happiness is something we are all chasing after and not sure how to get it. Yes , but I hear you say …

At it’s most simplest level it may be a piece of chocolate cake (with buttercream icing). Sensory happiness overload. Minus the calories and guilt , but that’s not happy. State change.

Will I be happy on Friday ? Or when I get a new/dream job? Or new relationship, the constant chase, I will be happy when … < insert relevant statement >

Wherever you are today is because of the choices YOU made. If you find peace and fulfillment in those choices then I would say you are happy. Are you OK ? Happiness does not depend on anyone or any circumstance.

It hits you when you let go and when you decide to be content. and awestruck. It does not mean giving up who you are . Discover your resilience and do not let your circumstances define you.

Being mindful helps… it lets you pay attention to the simplest things in life. It frees you up to stop questioning whether you are happy or not.

My “happy” is looks different from yours because we have traveled different routes to get to where we are. It is also a journey and not one end.

Do what makes you happy. Eat the damn cake. Buy that travel ticket. Wear the red lipstick. Only YOU can make you happy. Not a spouse, or partner … No one or no thing. Do YOU for you as I was reminded today. Find your happy space and share what it means …

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