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GirlCodeZa -Workshop 3 : How to build a wordpress site

I stumbled across girlcodeza on Twitter and it caught my interest. Girlcodeza is a Non-profit organization and their primary purpose is to create a network of women who are highly skilled in computer literacy, coding and design, and who can leverage those skills to develop innovative and sustainable solutions within their communities.

I had missed the previous 2 workshops and attended workshop 3 hosted at MTN ( thank you for the lovely catering) .  It started with an introduction to Project Management ( everything which I could so identify with being a specialist in this field ) by Elisja van Niekerk, a project manager at MTN.

Key take-away from this session was YES YOU CAN do anything you want to.  Look into a PRINCE2 should you want to go this way. ( a story for another time)

The session then moved onto WordPress. Hosted by Yusuf Kaka, Senior Manager ICT Services at MTN,  Yusuf covered a few key concepts in his presentation and started with design thinking This means start with the customer in mind when building a website,app or designing a solution. Build an MVP ( minimum viable product) and expand on it, rather than building the rolls-royces of solutions , only for the customer to NOT want it.

These key concepts were covered when building a website in wordpress and why you should choose this: ( it led me to thinking about responsive web design vs mobile app – a story for another day ) 

  • Progressive web – web pages that behave like an app
  • Responsive – fits any form factor ( device independant)
  • Connectivity independent – works offline
  • Discoverable – identifiable as an app ( appear in the playstore as an app for download)
  • Fresh – always up to date
  • Safe – served via HTPPS
  • Re-engageable – features like push notifications
  • Installable- allows users to add apps
  • Linkable – easily share the application via url – does not require complex installation
  • Content changes dynamically

Start with a user journey , then maintain it and then retain it – build your website according to this. Start yours here : https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/

We also discussed hosting options, as well as PAAS (platform a service, example Afrihost and SAAS as a service options.

Yusuf then took the team to view the MTN innovation center and this was WAY COOL . All the latest technologies are tested here.

Overall it gave me a chance to revamp my website and learn some cool nifty tricks. A great chance to network with others and learn and empower yourself.

Go check out girlcodeza !

Hope you enjoyed reading this !

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